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Affordable Sports Cars
Everyone would like to own one of the top sports cars like the Porsche Carrera, Lamborghini Gallardo, or Ferrari Enzo but unfortunately not many of us would like to afford the insurance and maintenance let alone the cost of the vehicle itself. So enters the world of “Affordable Sports Cars”. While not able to give quite the performance of their big brothers, these cars still add excitement to driving, making you look forward to finding a deserted winding road to let yourself free on.

Donating your car to Charity
ot a car you’re looking to get rid of? Wondering if it might be worthwhile to donate it to a charity?

Before you do there are several things you should know, especially if you plan to use this as a tax write-off. Things like how the car will be used by the charity, whether it will be auctioned or given to a needy family or organization makes a big difference in how much you can write off on your taxes.

OEM Vrs Aftermarket Parts
It’s bad enough that your car got damaged in an accident, now you need to make all the decisions on who to have fix it and do you need to pay the extra to buy only OEM parts. If you’re car was not covered by the insurance company (you didn’t have Comprehensive and Collision coverage) the difference in the price of parts can mean a very large difference in the price of the repair.

But is it worth it to pay the price? Is it true that only OEM parts will fit your car right and Aftermarket parts will make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your car?

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Did you want a “Crew Cab”, “Club Cab”, “Extended Cab”, “Bonus Cab”, or “Super Cab”? Which one goes with manufacturer? What was the first year Dodge came out with the “Crew Cab”? Yes, the truck world and its list of options and models can get a bit confusing. But our truck comparison pages will help you get it all straight!

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