Some of the best car shows happen in the San Jose Bay Area and near San Francisco. Major events like the Silicon Valley International Auto show in San Jose, the Good Guys shows in Pleasanton, and the California Mille (not to mention all the smaller city based shows in the area) attract thousands of car show enthusiast as well as the competitors showing off their cars. Unfortuantly with many of the major shows being held in the larger cities there is an increased chance of getting in an accident on the way to a show. Last in San Francisco alone there were thousands of traffic accident and 3,945 people were killed and injured in 2010 alone.

Classic Car Safety

While no one likes the thought of getting in an accident, when you get in an accident while driving a classic car or towing a classic car (trailer queen) you face additional problems. Most classic cars (at least those built from the 50’s onward are heavier than most modern cars, for that reason classic car owners often feel safer when driving these vehicles. Unfortunately, these cars are usually short on other safety features like air bags, seat belts with shoulder harnesses, and stability and traction control.

Car Accident Lawyer

There are several reasons why it is often a good idea to hire a specialized auto accident lawyer if you get into an accident on the way to a show.

The lack of safety equipment means that given the same set of circumstances a classic car driver is somewhat more likely to lose control. This also means that the insurance company is more likely to try to pass more of the blame on the classic car driver.

Think of the amount of money you put into paint, chrome, either original equipment (often very costly) or custom mods. It’s very unlikely that the insurance company is going to pay anywhere near what you have into the vehicle without a fight.

Another consideration if you do decide you need a lawyer is whether you should hire one in your own hometown or one near the accident. While it is likely that a San Francisco car accident lawyer is going to be more expensive than one if you live in a smaller town. Think about what other expenses you are going to have to pay for the lawyers travel if you end up going to court and you hire one a distance away.

Also a Bay Area or San Francisco accident lawyer is more likely to have dealt with the local laws, court system and judges, often making the extra expense worthwhile.

Be prepared

While you hate to think of getting in an accident with your baby, even a minor fender bender, it is best to be prepared, especially before heading into the larger cities.

  • Have a current appraisal done on the vehicle. Once your vehicle is finished and before you start going out to show it, you should have a professional appraisal to prove what the vehicle is worth if it should get damaged or stolen.
  • Be sure your insurance coverage is enough to cover what the vehicle is worth and that is will cover the entire appraisal value. Don’t take the insurance salesman’s word on this, make sure you see it in writing.
  • If you are towing the car in a trailer, be sure you know the laws in the state you will be going. Don’t assume that they are the same as in your state.
  • Be sure your insurance coverage includes the extra riders if needed to cover a high priced vehicle being towed in a trailer and not just some minimum coverage.

You can bet that the insurance company you will be dealing with, whether it is your own or the other driver will have a lawyer working on the case, especially when a high price car is involved. You can also be pretty well assured that they are going to start off with an offer much lower than it is going to take to replace your car, accident lawyers have a much better idea of what should be expected and often can get you far more that you would be able to on your own.