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Chevrolet HHR

The Chevy HHR – Timeless Style with a Modern Touch

Retro Style

For good reason the softly squared fenders, round taillights, and overall look of the Chevy HHR remind people of an antique road show. The Chevy HHR series was inspired by the Chevrolet cars and trucks of the 1940’s. This look appeals to a nostalgic few who long for a time when cars were built more solid than they are today, as well as to those who are interested in a car with a timeless quality and modern features.

Compact Performance

Although it comes in a small package, the Chevy HHR is big on comfort. It comfortably seats five people (two in the front and three in the back), in the reasonable comfort of chair-style seats that have good back and leg support.

With its high roof passengers in the front get plenty of space to sit and stretch their legs, a point that may be of interest to the long legged buyer.

The electric power steering prompts Chevy to respond to a light touch, making it easy to handle, and maneuverable. Going through curves isn't bad on body lean, but it’s good to remember that it is a wagon one tends to avoid pushing this wagon too hard. The ride is moderately smooth; going down a pot holed ally the passengers might feel pavement imperfections, but it wouldn’t cause any detectable discomfort.

Chevy HHR's automatic transmission is smooth and quiet, making only a slight sound as it accelerates. The acceleration is reasonably spirited with the optional 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, making passing, merging, and speeding up to get onto the interstate no problem.


The HHR has many pleasing exterior features, including the bowtie logo featured prominently on the grille, deep-draw flared fenders, a one-piece hood, single-cavity headlights, a touch pad rear hatch, and flared taillights.

Interior Design and Options

One of the strongest points in the Chevy HHR’s favor is the interior. The large cargo area, comfortable seats, and stylish and upscale overall effect of the interior are favorites among buyers.

Depending on the use it gets, the HHR can be ordered as a normal passenger wagon or as a panel wagon, giving up a rear seat for more cargo. This option of interior shelving is great for carrying cargo, deliveries, shopping trips, or for hauling lumbar or other longer items.

Standard equipment includes air conditioning, GM's OnStar communication system for a year, power windows and locks, and a CD stereo and remote keyless entry. Options include a power sunroof, some models have a XM Satellite Radio and a Pioneer audio system with a subwoofer, and remote starting is installed on models equipped with the automatic transmission.

Belying its compact in size, the Chevy HHR features practical storage and transportation solutions, including a front passenger seat and a cargo area floor, (complete with built-in grocery bag hooks), and a split-folding rear seat.

Safety and Reliability

Antilock brakes are standard, traction control is available with automatic transmissions, side airbags are optional, and front-disc/rear-drum brakes are pre-installed.

Used and Pre-Owned Models

Since its original release in 2006, the series has had very few modifications made, making this retro-futuristic minivan a good car worth investing in. For more information and purchasing details, check out the inventory here at Bailey Motors. If you don't see the car you would like, give us a call.