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Advancements in the Electric Hybrid Vehicle Industry

In light of the current global economic and environmental crises, consumers everywhere are considering electric hybrid vehicles as a viable contribution towards the solution. Many of the advantages of owning a hybrid vehicle are obvious – lower maintenance costs, and less pollutive effects on the environment. However these hybrid cars and SUVs are also becoming more visually appealing, with futuristic aerodynamic designs and stylistic space-efficient interiors.

As public awareness increases, the demand for such vehicles will undoubtedly rise exponentially. In fact, many experts predict that nearly all vehicles in production by the year 2020 will be hybrids. To facilitate this expected change, and to gain an advantage over their competitors, automobile manufacturers such as Chevy, Honda, Saturn and Toyota are working diligently towards advancements in this rapidly expanding industry. Check the NorCalCars Reviews section for Hybrid Car Specifications


GM is one of the manufacturers setting the standard for hybrid vehicles. “one of the more reliable hybrids on the market is the Saturn Vue Hybrid”. Hybrids are also doing well in crash tests making them a good choice for safety conscious customers.

Pioneering Advancements

Perhaps the first advancements in the electric hybrid industry came in the form of basic design improvements. In their effort to make hybrid SUVs and cars more efficient, automobile manufacturers have made a concerted effort to produce aerodynamic vehicles that are not hindered by wind resistance (which can contribute to increased energy expenditure). For this reason, electric hybrid vehicles also weigh less then their traditional counterparts, and many of them even utilize resources that are usually expended in the braking process. This regenerative braking technology uses the kinetic energy absorbed during braking to recharge the engine. These attributes, along with the diverse functionality of the motor, are they key differences between traditional and hybrid vehicles.

Recent Advancements

To the average consumer, the most notable advancement in the hybrid car industry would be the recent reduction in the cost difference between hybrid and conventional cars. In the past, hybrid vehicles were considerably more expensive than traditional cars. However, as the competitive nature of the industry increases, the price difference is expected to vanish completely.

Aside from inevitable price reductions, electric hybrid automobile manufacturers are also making advancements in the overall efficiency and power of hybrid motors. Toyota has recently released the Highlander Hybrid, which contains an electric motor with all-wheel drive capabilities. Lexux has also released a similar hybrid SUV – the Lexus RX 400h. Both of these revolutionary hybrid sport utility vehicles use a rear electric motor, rather than a traditional driveshaft.

The Future of Hybrid Vehicles

New advancements in battery recharging technology is making it possible for cars to go 75 miles or more per charge. These revolutionary batteries operate using unconventional physical chemistry principles, and are comprised primarily of carbon and plastic materials, rather than the traditional lead and acid components.

This advancement may prove to be one of the most important, as inefficient batteries have been greatly hindering the mass production of hybrid vehicles. These new batteries could be completely discharged, left in a discharged or charged state, or rapidly cycled with no damage. Experts believe that the diversity of functionality, and efficiency offered by these revolutionary new batteries, could mark the beginning of a new era in hybrid automobile production within the next decade.

EV Charging Stations

As electric vehicles become more popular there is increased incentive for private companies to start offering ev charging station. Stations can be found at many stores and other businesses and even some of the better RV parks like Pioneer RV park in the Northern Californian Town of Quincy offer an electric vehicle charging station for their guests. While Quincy might seem a bit out of your way if you are traveling up I-5 through the Northern California area, it offers a nice perk for people with motor homes that are towing an electric vehicle.

The increase in the number of businesses offering EV charging stations helps highlight the fact that that electric vehicles are no longer a subject for the future but are becoming a reality now!