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Electric Motorcycles and Ebikes a Green Future

Electric cars are being promised as the green alternative of the future, but we can’t forget about smaller electric motorcycles, electric scooters and electric bicycles (the eBike). Which are better suited for crammed urban centers and are perfect for single riders. While there is a wide selection of eco-friendly options already on the market, a new crop of smaller electric vehicles are demonstrating the feasibility of this innovative technology for the global audience. Some designs are small, some are weird and others are fast.

Motorized electric bike (eBikes) are also becoming more popular, especially in the larger cities. These eBikes can be purchased factory made, or you can create your own with specially designed electric bicycle motors. bicycle engines are usually rather low powered and only meant to help the rider, not take the place of leg power.

Electric motorcycles can come in either two or three wheels. Generally, the source of power for the electric motor has been batteries, but development in fuel cell has created several prototypes. Electric vehicles (EVs) were extensively used in the U.S. in the early 1900s, but later their use was reduced due to increasing popularity of gasoline as the time went on. Now that the price of gasoline is sky rocketing the manufacturers is coming up with a variety of new electric motorcycles.

In electric vehicles usually one or more batteries are fitted that store the electricity and run the motor, which in turn rotates the wheels of the vehicle. California is leading the country in substituting electricity for gas vehicles. And more then 5000 vehicles are running in US that use electricity as fuel.

Two-wheeled motorcycles are generally differentiated from motorized bicycles and mopeds by speed, with motorcycles having greater speeds—usually greater than 30 mph (about 50 km/h). Electric motorcycles are gaining a great popularity as in today’s time gasoline prices are higher. Battery technology is improving day by day and is making this type of transformation seems to be more practical.

Here are some of the advantages of electric over gasoline power.
  1. Since there is no IC engine, Electric motorcycles are very silent compared to the gasoline engine. In fact many times you won’t even know some vehicle has just passed beside you.
  2. It is very environmental friendly, on other hand gasoline power is not environment friendly.
  3. The cost of fuel for electric power is approximately 25% the cost of gasoline power.
  4. In some countries there will be exemption of carbon and registration tax.
  5. In some countries there will be no parking and congestion charges.
  6. In some countries there will be no road tax paid to the government.
  7. There will be grid power used to charge the electric batteries there by consuming less pollution as compared to gasoline prices.
  8. Batteries can be easily charged at the home. Also if it has to be charged at service stations there charging of battery is by faster means.
  9. It can also be used in V2G system.
  10. There will be less maintenance cost and maintenance activities will also be fewer.
  11. An Electric motorcycle has a good resale value.
  12. More affordable then electric cars
Some of the disadvantages of electric over gasoline power
  1. The front cost of an electric power motorcycles will be higher as compared to gasoline driven motorcycle.
  2. There will be a shorter range before it needs to be charged.
  3. The battery charging time is of great concern. At home the battery takes time to recharge and the battery has to be charged regularly.
  4. Electric charging outlets are not easily found on the streets.
  5. As it is already difficult for motorcycles to be noticed by drivers of cars and trucks, the loss of characteristic engine noise might make riding these even more dangerous than their internal combustion engine powered counter parts.
  6. Though the vehicle running on electricity does not produce pollution, the power plant which produces electricity does produce pollution. The pollutants created by thermal power plants are one of major source of air-pollution. Where as the electricity generated from solar energy is totally pollution free.

Electric motorcycle producers seem to appear and disappear more frequently than the producers of larger vehicles, probably because start-up costs are relatively low, but market penetration is difficult, especially in North America for such vehicles.

In today’s time electric motorcycle manufacturers are trying hard to improve on there disadvantages. So, hopefully in coming future we will see better electric motorcycles