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Fuel Efficient Green Vehicles

We can All Help

Helping to keep our planet clean is something we can all help with. There are many reasons to consider buying a new hybrid car or one of the many other green cars or energy efficient vehicles. When polled the top reasons people quote are;

Tesla S Electric Vehicle
Tesla S Electric Sports Car
  • Keeping our air clean
  • Reducing dependency on oil
  • Renewable energy
  • Lowering fuel bills

Fuel Efficient Cars

Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine
Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine

Whatever your reason there is an ever expanding list of ways to have a vehicle with a greatly increased fuel mileage. Even the latest models of gasoline powered vehicles are becoming smaller and more fuel efficient. Many though, feel that increasing fuel mileage in the existing automotive technology is not enough. This has moved automotive manufacturers to increase their research on new technologies.

One way the United States has fallen way behind the rest of the world is in producing smaller more efficient cars. The bigger is better mentality has lead to large gas guzzling Trucks, SUV’s, Mini Vans and even cars. This trend has not been just for specially vehicles used for work but also in the every day vehicles people use. The trend is starting to change. Vehicles like the Mini Cooper, Smart Car and other small very fuel efficient cars are starting to be seen more and more frequently on the US roads.

New technologies like the new hybrid cars are trying to balance between the performance we are used to and fuel efficiency. These cars are a combination of gasoline and electric motors. Computer technology helps to make smooth transitions between the two power sources to allow the convenience and power of the gas engine to be supplemented by the more efficient electric engine. However these vehicles still rely primarily on gas to run.

Electric Cars - EV

Other green cars and even motorcycles make use of a fully electric power plant. Using only electric motors has it’s own problems though. Greater weight, reduced distance between “refueling” due to the current battery technology has led many to shy away from this new technology. While there have been major improvements in batteries, this is still a problem. Electric cars still have an effect on the environment; the power to charge these cars comes from somewhere, often from coal burning power plants.

Even with the problems in the current technology, most people seem to agree that there is a need for greener vehicles. It’s also obvious that the car manufacturers will only put the money into researching improvements if the public is willing to buy the vehicles.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu ECO
2013 Chevrolet Malibu ECO

The Best Eco Car?

So, how do you choose the best green vehicle for you? It comes down to research and really looking at your needs. Not every vehicle is going to be right for everyone. If you are making long driving trips, all electric vehicles are likely not for you. While they may be by far the best vehicle if you make primarily short runs within town. Some of the very small vehicles may not be the safest if you drive primarily on the freeway at high speeds, but they have a tremendous advantage over the larger vehicles if you drive primarily in town with more crowded streets and parking.

Whatever your needs are we are here to help. You will find information on some of the latest fuel-efficient vehicles on the market within our articles to help you make the right decision for you.

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