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Relief From High Gas Prices

high gas prices With the skyrocketing prices of gas many are looking for ways to combat the drain on their wallet. Gas conscience consumers have a number of choices available to them. Including:
  1. Maintaining or modifying their vehicle to improve gas mileage. Of course keeping you vehicle tuned up is one of the basic ways to improve your gas mileage; this includes maintaining proper tire pressure, and changing your fuel and air filters, cleaning fuel injectors as well as changing spark plugs, wires and other normal tune up items. But this will only take you so far. Another method that many are trying is fuel modifications like HHO.
  2. Buying a more efficient car. The choices abound here. The most common is switching to a smaller car with better gas mileage, but there is an increasing trend toward the hybrid and electric cars.
    • Hybrid and electric cars tend to be more expensive both to buy initially and to maintain and repair later. Vast improvements are being made though, making this option far more attractive. It’s also good to remember that car buyers in the US can apply for some very sizable hybrid vehicle government incentives.
    • Moving to smaller Vehicles. As expected with the rise of gas prices the trend is to purchase smaller cars. Dan Hancock of North Valley Autos told NorCalCars the trend is to the compact SUVs like the Kia Sportage, Chevy Tracker, Ford Escape, Toyota Rav 4, Honda CRV, Suzuki Vitara, and other small SUVs as well as small to mid sized sedans. Still “People are not flocking to the tiny compacts,” continues Dan. Tiny compacts would include the Chevy Aveo and the Scion.
  3. Modify your driving habits. Not Ready to trade in your mid to large sized vehicle for a compact? According to Philip Reed of substantial fuel savings can be achieved through some modifications of your driving habits. Things like lower cruising speeds (65 mph), using a cruise control for more constant speeds, letting off the gas earlier for less breaking, and less aggressive driving produce impressive increases in miles per gallon.
No Matter what your choice is, it seems likely that high gas prices are going to continue and even continue to rise, increasing the need for conservation. Reducing fuel consumption has the two-fold benefit of both helping the environment and keeping a little more of the green stuff in your wallet. For families with two or more cars this may mean having at least one fuel efficient car in the family and saving the larger vehicle for only when you need it.

One final note, regardless or the vehicle choice you make, finding a gas station with lower priced fuel always helps. With this in mind NorCalCars can help with our Local gas prices list, stop by and find the lowest price gas in your area.