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New Incentives to Buy Nature and Wallet-Friendly Cars

Everybody talks about the weather,” Mark Twain humorously claimed during a lecture, “but nobody does anything about itHybrid Honda Civic

Ironically, the sarcastic author passed away right about the time Henry Ford unveiled his historical T-Model, altering the planetary landscape forever. What would the man say today, if observing our world’s changing weather patterns and degrading environment, when large SUVs and other such gas-guzzlers are contributing to it in increasing numbers and popularity?

The Federal Government is fortunately doing something about it, especially when Hybrid vehicles, electric cars and alternative-fuel engines offer an easy and practical replacement to standard oil-wasters and their costs. “Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform,” Twain would say. Who can argue against right now as indeed a time to reform our car-buying ways?

A Certain Motivation

Although a surprisingly large fraction of the population still believes Global Warming to be a myth, many different factors make Hybrids and Electric cars an important choice to consider when “shopping for wheels.” Rising gas prices due to depleting oil supplies and increase of fuel demand from emerging countries who buy more motor vehicles than ever before should be enough to weigh in for anyone, green-thinker or else. Not to mention the “smell” issue in large cities, where the smog constitutes an ever-present health hazard.

But what are we really looking for when purchasing a car? What is our own personal, private motivation? A great look obviously comes to mind. Safety is never far behind, along with performance, comfort and durability. All within a predetermined budget range of course. So in fact, money is the top priority. If that one was answered for and brought along all the others, would we not consider the vehicle that makes more sense?

A Federal Initiative

Fuel economy doesn’t automatically mean riding a bicycle or walking 500 miles to commute. It means looking for the vehicle model we like, and find its hybrid, electric or alternative variant. The U.S. government understands it, and intends to help consumers be aware of the many choices they have in terms of Hybrid cars and Electric vehicles by offering substantial money incentives to buying one of those planet-friendly autos. Additional savings from fuel economy with much better Miles-Per-Gallon ratios round it all up to a bunch of money not taken out of the common man’s pockets.

Thus the U.S. Department of Energy recently launched a clear and direct initiative of informing people, through the website, about tax credits the IRS applies to each category of environment-friendly vehicle of any kind, from Hybrid SUVs to Electric sedans, and even alternative fuel cars like the Compressed Natural Gas-running Honda Civic GX. Up to $4,000 can be credited from the income tax you owe the revenue service when buying one of a few hundred possible models of “green” vehicles. Bear in mind, the incentive is a credit, not deduction. The former means a lower bill come tax season, while the other gets lost and lessened during the accounting.

The government’s fuel-efficiency campaign goes beyond giving back though; it helps consumers see where they themselves might’ve paid too much already. Price inspections, gas-mileage tips, vehicle comparisons and efficiency breakdowns are all brought to light and made simple for car owners and new buyers to see how, where and why driving around town might’ve saved them more money, had they been aware. What sports car offers the best performance without breaking a hole in the wallet as well as the ozone layer? What electric vehicle might take you to work fast enough without displaying a “Low Charge” signal? Which models use something other than gasoline to “fire” its engine? Asking the federal government, or checking out their Fuel Economy website might help make one’s life greener, in every sense of the word.

Not Simply a Fad

Highly innovative models of fuel-saving vehicles are often touted or seen as the latest trend for the rich and famous, thus appearing out of reach for the common taxpayer. The federal government’s new incentives and initiatives aim not at embezzling people into buying American, but to downright educate everyone on their rights to easily buy and drive a car that could save them a bundle and reduce a large number of economic and environmental problems to be dealt with in the new millennium. And truth be told, buying American does help local economy.

Hybrids and Electric Cars are no longer relegated to science fiction, nor are they catering to the high-maintenance crowd. It not only is affordable to everyone, it has become an imperative, and soon to be industry standard. Everybody complains about gas prices and pollution; shouldn’t we all do something about it, now that we can?