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How To Increase Gas Mileage - Hybrid Car, Diesel Car Or HHO Gas Car Kit Or a Tune Up

By NorCalCars Guest writer Pete Marks

Increase gas mileage now with a hybrid or diesel fuel car. That is not an option for many people. A new car may be beyond the reach of the typical person. A new diesel car could set you back 20 thousand dollars. A hybrid car will set you back just as much and many people wonder if hybrid technology is a proven technology. What can a person do to improve gas mileage with their current vehicle?

When was the last time you had a tuneup on your car? When you purchase a new car it probably has come with a tune up and a complete detail. If you have had your car for more than a few years and you do not know when it has had its last tune up then you could increase gas mileage if you do a tune up!

Maintain your Car

Most tune ups will replace spark plugs, wires, points, a clogged fuel filter a dirty oil filter or more. It all depends on what the mechanic finds during the engine diagnosis. If your car has had a noticeable decrease in gas mileage your mechanic may even find a faulty oxygen sensor. A thorough tuneup may set you back several hundred dollars but most are less. The price of the tuneup should be offset by savings in fuel and you should notice an increase in gas mileage, better performance, acceleration and horsepower. In the long term a tuned engine will run longer and perform better.

Don't take an engine tuneup lightly. When you replace a faulty oxygen sensor you could increase gas mileage up to 40%. If your air filter was dirty and it is replaced you could improve gas mileage up to 10%. It is not uncommon at an oil change to have the technician changing your oil to point out you have a dirty air filter. Even an air filter that looks clean can be dirty. Just as a guideline my filter gets replaced about every 6000 to 9000 miles, about every other oil change.

Tire pressure is often overlooked. Often oil pressure is checked at an oil change but with newer cars specifying an oil change at 7000 miles this can be too long between checking tire pressure. It is best to check tire pressure at least monthly. You can buy a good tire pressure gauge at your local automotive store. Think of it as a safety gauge and an investment. Proper air pressure in your tires will result in a safer ride and maximize the life of your tires. The ultimate benefit is that you will save fuel extend the life of your tires and increase gas mileage by 2-3%.

HHO - Increase Gas Mileage and Performance

Now you may be asking yourself what is HHO gas. HHO gas has been around for a while but now it is becoming more popular with those who are looking for serious gas additives that increase gas mileage. HHO gas is produced from a HHO fuel cell and many consider this as hydrogen on demand or a hydrogen fuel cell. An HHO gas car kit may set you back several hundred dollars and may be well worth it. This technology works with gasoline and diesel cars. If you have been fortunate to stumble across HHO technology you may have seen it in the news or found it a car forum. Many backyard mechanics are making their own home made HHO fuels cells and are not only using them on cars but trucks, motorcycles, riding lawnmowers even electric hybrid cars! Many of the more reliable sources are seeing a gas mileage increase of 15 – 40%. The many claims of HHO gas is that it improves gas mileage, increases horsepower and produces a quieter and smoother running engine.

If a new diesel car or hybrid car is out of the question and you have had a recent tune up for your car you are probably getting the best gas mileage possible. If a new high mileage car is out of the question you may want to consider HHO gas to save fuel and increase gas mileage.