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Combining Automotive Insurance Services

In the wake of the credit crunch financial institutions are becoming increasingly tight-fisted in order to try and protect themselves from further losses. Some major players have fallen out of the market altogether leaving gaps for other companies to march straight into.

This has led to companies that would previously not have been connected with financial products such as car insurance suddenly offering some very good deals. As well as being able to offer as good, if not cheaper, deals than some of their rivals who might be relying on selling insurance as their only income stream, you might also find that you can amalgamate some of your other costs in with your insurance.

Such is the case if you get car insurance through Kwik Fit Insurance, a name you might not immediately connect with cheap car insurance, but it does make sense if you think about it, and whilst a relatively new player on the market, they are quickly accumulating a reputation for good value.

One of the major reasons for this is that you can save money by having the company who is fixing your car, and the company who is paying for fixing your car under the same roof. In addition to getting the usual online discount, then, with Kwik Fit you can get a 10% discount at any Kwik Fit Centre, and a guarantee that if you have a problem you will get a courtesy car. In addition you can hire a car if your car is stolen, and a guarantee that every shard of glass in your car is insured if it needs to be replaced.

Aside from the online discount, it should be noted that the other aspects of this deal only come with a comprehensive insurance policy but that doesn’t stop it being an incredibly deal. Also, you don’t have to be a member of Kwik Fit already in order to take out a policy. In the modern world where convenience and value are the two most important things, having an insurance company that is also there to repair any damage that you may suffer is a great idea.