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Shop from home and have the new car dealers compete for your business.

Every day, shoppers use the Internet to compare prices on purchases ranging from clothing to chondroitin, computers to collies, cookware to checkers. But many of these same shoppers, when looking for a new car, just get in their old ones and drive. Tell me; is there a more time wasting, environmentally degrading, twentieth-century way of shopping?

There are all sorts of reasons to comparison shop online for new auto quotes:

It’s fast, free, and easy, so there’s no reason not to. Just enter the specifics of the car you want—year, make, model, trim, interior and exterior colors, and any special features that have caught your fancy—then sit back and wait for the dealers to contact you. They’ll tell you the best price they can offer, and you can compare them and get to know their policies without ever leaving home. It’s that simple.

Save gas, don’t burn it, and don’t pollute. Why drive to Sacramento or beyond unless you really know you can get a better deal there? With your online car quotes in hand, you can make your shopping more efficient by only visiting the dealerships with real deals on their lots and avoiding the ones that only pretend they do. These quotes really do put the power in your hands.

Save time and cut the sales hype hassle. It’s a similar question—why spend your valuable time being bombarded with hours of talk by new car salesmen, especially if you don’t know in advance they even have the car of your dreams at the best price in Northern California? By shopping online for a new car quote tailored to meet your needs, your tastes, and your requirements, you can save your time and energy for what matters most to you—your family, your friends, and your fun.

Most of all, you can save money. All too often, that’s the really important issue when buying a new car. And that’s how these quotes can really help. By comparing the prices offered by various dealers, online car quotes can potentially save you thousands of dollars off the sticker price of your perfect car. Here are some ways to use these quotes to your advantage:

  • You can use these quotes to plan in advance how much you intend to spend on exactly the car you want. By setting your budget in advance, the new car salesman has less of a chance of talking you into purchasing a different car or even your perfect car but at a less attractive price.
  • These new car quotes empower your negotiating through knowing other dealers’ prices in advance. If the most convenient or closest dealer to your location doesn’t have your perfect car at your perfect price, often you can talk them down by showing them the better price being offered just a little further up the road—and saving yourself that longer trip. They can’t argue when you have the data to prove your facts.
  • When dealers know you’re doing your homework up front, they’re more likely to cut the gimmicks and offer their lowest price the first time you ask for it, not the twentieth. They do this because they know you’re a savvy shopper, one who has learned how to get the best deals and how not to be scammed.
  • Getting your new auto quote online in advance might even help you obtain the best financing. It gives you valuable information that you can take to your bank or lending company before you go car shopping, showing you to be a serious and conscientious buyer and presenting you to the lending officer in the best possible light.

So go on, what are you waiting for? Fill in the little boxes and click that submit button. (Don’t worry, we respect your privacy and will only give your information to qualified dealers so that they can make you an offer. We promise!) Then sit back and wait for the new car dealers in Northern California to do the hardest work of purchasing a vehicle for you. And be careful to enter your contact information properly, including your full email address—they can’t send you the data you need for effective online car shopping if they can’t reach you!

Once you have these free quotes in hand, sort through them to find the car you love at the price you want to pay. Then just call the dealer and make an appointment to test drive, negotiate for, and purchase your dream car. It just doesn’t get any better than this!