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2nd Annual Brass in the Grass 2011– Vintage Transportation, Music, and Clothing Festival

All proceeds go to benefit RAA Foundation's Worthy Student Fund and PMD Foundation
Brass in the Grass

Date: Sunday, May 22nd
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m
Location: Redwood Academy in Santa Rosa, Ca
Registration: $15 per vehicle
More Info:  
  • Trophies, Raffles, Live Music and Food, and Vintage Clothing
  • $15 per vehicle at gate (general admission for car owner and 1 guest free)
  • $10 general adminssion, $8 for seniors - to park and enjoy the show (12 and under free
  • For more info, contact Bill O'Beirne @ (707) 318-4219 or
Sunday May 22nd, 2011
385 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa, California
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Open to stock appearing vehicles, or period modified, from 1900-1949! Concours winners to barnyard find condition. Brass Age and Classic Automobiles, Motorcycles, Military Vehicles, Antique Tractors, Wooden Power Boats, Vintage Racing Cars, Fire Engines, and Trucks. All here in one show, displayed on the campus green of Redwood Academy, as the works of art they are. Sets are being designed and built to enhance the display of the varied and interesting vehicles for your enjoyment.

There are many automobile and car shows throughout the spring and summer months of the year, and they are all great, but we have designed a show that focuses on a period of automobile that is overlooked and reserved for corners in museums. We have designed a show that is unlike any other auto show of the year! Our show will also include the great true classics of the Thirties, Hispano Suiza, Duesenberg, Cord., as well as the every man car; the Model T and Model A. The Packard’s, Pierce Arrows, Chryslers, Buicks, Cadillac’s that both Mayors and Gangsters preferred. Plus a tribute to the INDY 500’s hundredth anniversary, with a special Gasoline Alley Display of antique racing cars and midget racers, the ones that once raced inside the Sonoma County Fair main pavilion, and local racing tracks in the late ‘30’s and ‘40’s! We did not want another ‘50’s Reunion Show,' or another ‘Cruise to the Drive Inn Show’. They are all wonderful and well done, but they are also abundant in Sonoma County. Our show spotlights vehicles gone from view, way too long. These vehicles opened the travel freedoms we take for granted today. You may see one tucked under a cover in a garage, or in a museum, but gathered together on a green, among sets built to take you back to another time, they are SPECTACULAR!

Vintage Clothing Vendors will be there to help you find just the right look for your trip back through time. Period dress is not required at the show, however it is encouraged, and our first year found many (participants and guests) taking advantage of this opportunity to display such finery. This part of the event brings all members of the family to the show. For too long Women and Children have been dragged to, or at least cajoled to, attend a “car show”, but with the vintage clothing, the entertainment and sets, and great food, this is a show for the whole family who will stay all day! This focus was our priority from the very first moment planning began. It is good for all, and sponsors and vendors alike can only benefit by a high and long lasting attendance at this event.

Live music and entertainment is a wonderful part of this show. Starting with a ‘USO SHOW’, to salute the Veterans in the audience, and this coming year specifically, the Veterans of WWII. Then the ‘Barbershop’ Quartets and Choirs, a 1920’s Ukulele musical marching group, Lindy Hop Dance instruction, by national choreographer, ‘Hep Jen’ of San Francisco, and finally, the 18 piece BIG Band Swing Era sound of the ‘MOONLIGHTERS’.

Automotive Art, and other specific displays and vendors will also contribute to a beautiful day on the green. Automotive art and antique tractors, are two parts of the hobby that are experiencing great growth and a following that translates into ticket sales and benefits to our charities, and sponsors. You will see both here at ‘Brass in the Grass 2011’.

Military Vehicles Display is another interesting part of this show. Many guests will remember the days of World War II and when good was easier to define from bad. When the freedom of the future, that we enjoy today, was truly threatened and these vehicles carried the brave to defend against tyranny and aggression. They will also play a part in the re-enacted ‘USO SHOW’, that you might have seen as a new recruit during WWII, right here at ‘Camp Redwood!'

Interviews with interesting automotive hobby people and guests, as well as a few Humorous awards, all contribute to a ‘no dead air’ day. Ticket buying guests, and participant’s alike get the most entertainment per hour at our show, as well as great food! Johnny Garlic’s, Purdy’s Deserts, and others provide the flavor to this beautiful local, and event. Yes, there will be a reasonable ticket charge for guests, but parking will be free!

This year there will be an entry fee for all participating vehicles and the related (example, 'Hit and Miss Engines') at Brass in the Grass. To not give an undo burden on our participating guests we have kept it very low in comparison to other automobile shows similar to ours. However, there is no show like ours! You will have the most value fr your entry fee buck, which is $15.00 per first entry, and $5.00 for a second, or third! The $15.00 entry fee includes your entry as the owner, and spouse or one friend. Just remember to let us know you are coming and submit an entry form on the website, or by fax, as soon as you can, so that we may plan the display where your vehicle will be.

Our show supports two charities. The PMD Foundation and the Worthy Student Fund at Redwood Adventist Academy. PMD, is Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease, and this is a horrible enemy of children, its similarities to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) lead researchers to believe that if we are able to find a cure for PMD it will may lead the way for finding a cure for MS too!

The Worthy Student Fund at Redwood Academy helps students to attend Redwood Academy when other means are not available. In this day and age of economic woes, all help is welcome, and the generosity of the school to host this event on their beautiful campus makes it a ‘win-win’ for all concerned.

Want to help be a part of this show. Be a sponsor of one of our amazing sets, sponsor a trophy, purchase a vendor booth and support your business and our wonderful show and charities?

There are different levels of sponsorship, but we hope you will see the potential of this event. At any level we would appreciate your participation in this event. If you have any questions about anything, location, time, charities, please contact us or visit our website at

Brass in the Grass

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