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Redding Kool April Nites

Date: Friday April 15th
Location: Redding California, Redding Convention Center

To sum this up in a few words, some of the coolest cars that you can see all year. There are all sorts of activities and other things to be done when you go to Kool April Nites, making this one of the best car shows in northern California.

There are more or less five main parts to this show and a show and shine. To start it off the show and shine usually happens the whole week before the main show and the Cruise. The show and shine usually consists of cars in many parking lots where their sponsors are stationed; I-5 Rentals, Best Western Hotel - Hilltop Drive, Peterson Caterpillar, and quite a few others. You can usually find a ton of cars at any one of these places for the show and shine sponsorships.

On Friday April 15th this year, much like all the other years, there will be a cruise for all to see. As mentioned on the Kool April Nites site, this is an actual cruise and not just a parade. All normal city traffic will be blocked off and only registered cars will be allowed to enter. Remember that for the cruise, you need to get your seats nice and early so you can get some good ones. You can find a place to sit near a fast food area or next to a pet store or anywhere in a rather large area where you would like to see cool cars pass by. Seats start to be taken fairly quickly Friday morning, so snatch them while they’re good!

Next up on the list is the Friday and Saturday night dances. The dances are held in the MegaTent over by the Civic Auditorium. These two dances can be a lot of fun, for the older ones as well as the young ones, by sporting stylish 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s music like rock, swing and many other types of genre as well. As you pay the small 10 dollar fee to get in, you get a special stamp on your hand that says you can dance all night! Tickets for this event are free of cost to children under 12.v

Last is the main car show. There will be cars on show for everyone to see at the Convention Center. You will get to see all of the cool cars that people have spent thousands of dollars making look their best. You will have to pay 6 dollars per person, kids under 12 go in free, or you can buy a wristband that will let you into the Convention center for the main car show as well as anything that you might want to go see during this week long event including both dances. There will be awards given to the best cars.

This year’s Kool April Nites show is really going to be a blast! There are all sorts of interesting things to do and see so remember to buy your tickets early!