Comparison of Gas and Diesel Trucks

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When looking into the vast array of pick up trucks available on the market, from Chevy to Dodge to Ford it can be very difficult choosing the exact truck to best suit your requirements. One of the main problems which buyers seem to have is Gas or Diesel - which engine type is best? Many factors come into play, like noise, power, gas mileage, available options, and the number of miles you expect to put on the vehicle.

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In truth there is no right or wrong answer to this as a number of issues need to be taken into consideration, and they will all have an impact on your final decision. Some of the main points to consider are:

Diesel Performance - Gas Performance

If you are just looking for a truck for local journeys, rather than long distance travel then a gasoline truck may suit your requirements better as diesel engines tend to be more economical over longer distances. Diesel truck engines also offer better economy if you are looking to tow additional equipment, and are more suitable for more heavier work.

ReSell Value

While every vehicle you ever buy will reduce in value the more mileage covered, diesel vehicles will retain their value better than the more common gasoline vehicles due to the long term economies of diesel (and the longer life span of a diesel engine). Diesel engines are also more robust and due to the ever growing market for used diesel vehicles, you should have no difficulty finding a buyer as and when you decide to sell.


While not necessarily a major issue for business use, diesel engines are often much nosier than gasoline engines, even though diesel engine technology has shown some great advances over the last few years as well even when using quieter diesel exhaust systems. Diesel vehicles are notoriously difficult to start on cold winter mornings, although once “warmed up” you will have no difficulties. Gasoline engines tend to start better, even on colder morning, and are generally quieter.


While gasoline is significantly cheaper than diesel in the US, the overall effect is minimal when comparing the higher efficiency of diesel engines - in fact over longer distances diesel engines are cheaper to run. While the price of oil remains volatile, there are situations when gas and diesel prices can fluctuate many times throughout the day. However a number of websites available to monitor pricing around the US, and an example of these sites can be found at Detroit Gas Prices or you can search for the cheapest gas prices here at NorCalCars.

Effect On The Environment

We live in an age where vehicles which have more of a detrimental effect on the environment are likely to be taxed at a higher level. The comparison between gasoline and diesel engines has moved on from the earlier diesel engines which while economical in amount of fuel used, were prone to release a constant stream of thick smog like vapors.

Now a days the new style of diesel engine produces less “smog” vapor, although overall the levels released are still higher than gasoline engines. However gasoline engines release more of the carbon dioxide gases which have been directly attributed to global warming. Many argue that because diesel engines are more efficient over longer journeys, they use less fuel which compares favorably against the gasoline engine. There are pros and cons for each type of engine in this area.

While there are many gasolines, and to a lesser extent, diesel vehicles available on the market it really is a case of considering what you require from your vehicle, whether it be long journeys, short journeys, towing, etc. All of these issues will have an impact on the engine type you choose, although the impact on the environment is set to play a larger part in future decision. Governments around the world are moving towards higher taxation of vehicles which release harmful pollutants, and this seems set to continue for some time yet.

Common Questions

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