Comparison of Honda SUV and Minivan, Options and Models

We’ve compiled a list of the Various SUV’s and Minivans that Honda has offered over the years.

As you drop down the list you will find summaries of the changes Honda made to their lines for each year. This should help you to find what models and options were available for each year. While we have tried to make this list as complete as possible, this should only be viewed as a guide.

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1994 Honda SUVs and Minivans

Sample Honda Images

honda passport
Honda Passport *

honda odyssey
Honda Odyssey **

2009 honda Cr-v
2009 Honda CR-V **

2009 honda element
2009 Honda Element **

2009 honda ridgeline
2009 Honda Ridgeline **

  • Passport – SUV 4cyl
    • DX
      • Optional manual transmission
  • Passport – SUV 4WD V6
    • LX
    • EX
      • Optional 2WD
In 1995 the DX and Ex added optional dual air bags and the Odyssey Minivan was introduced.
  • Odyssey
    • LX 4 Door
    • EX 4 Door

In 1997 the CR-V SUV was introduced with a 4 cyl. Engine and 4 wheel drive

In 1998 the CR-V line was expanded to include LX and EX models. The Honda CR-V EX offered and optional 2WD version.

In 1999 Honda added the SE to the CR-V line and moved the 2 wheel drive option from the EX to the SE.

In 2002 The SE was dropped from the CR-V line and the CR-V EX started to offer a 2 wheel drive option again.

In 2003 Honda introduced the Element SUV with 4-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder engine. The element came as a DX or an EX with the Element EX offering a 2WD option. Also in 2003 Honda discontinued manufacturing the Passport SUV.

In 2004 Honda added LX to the Element line and also added the Pilot SUV. The Honda Pilot was a 4-wheel drive with a V-6 engine. This came in a LX and an EX.

In 2005 Honda added a Touring Minivan to the Odyssey line.

In 2006 Honda introduced the Ridgeline short bed pickup. The Honda Ridgeline was a 4-wheel drive truck with a V-6 engine, it was offered as a RT, RTS, and a RTL.

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* Image courtesy of Wikipedia
** Images courtesy of Honda