Electric Vehicle Charging Location Registration

If you have a charging location you would like added, fill out the entire form. All boxes (except business url) are needed so that people can search for your business with out system. At this time we are only accepting charging stations that are avaiable to the public or through a publicly accessable membership network. No Employee only charging locations.

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(Zip Code where EV chargers are located)
Charger Description 
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Business URL
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Email Address
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Note for Registration Reviewer
(If there is something you would like the person reviewing your registration to know but is not to be made available to the public, you can write the note here.)
Click this button to submit your suggestion to add a new Electric Vehicle Charging location to our public lists. We will be adding new Cities and Counties lists regularly.

It's a good idea to call the EV charging location ahead of time to ensure the chargers are in operation and available for use.

If you know of a EV Charging station that is not on our list, please suggest it on our "Suggest an EV location" form. New Cities and Counties will be added as we collect the information on the Electric Car Charging Locations.

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