Air Intakes

Injen Intakes
Injen's reputation for excellence has propelled their intakes to the forefront of auto components.
K&N Cold Air Intakes
K&N intakes allow maximum breathability for your engine.
S&B Intakes
S&B's cold air intake systems come with a 1,000,000 mile warranty.
AEM Intakes
Experience a AEM intake and you'll see why the company's reputation is unmatched.
True Flow Air Intakes
True Flow is a leader in the industry with its space-age foam filter systems.
Volant Air Intakes
Bring your engine to life with a high performance Volant cold air intake.
AFE Intakes
Unleash your truck's inner beast with a AFE Intake system.
Airaid Air Intakes
Airaid's intakes are well known and highly regarded in the industry.
Banks Air Intakes
Banks Engineering has been creating top of the line intakes for decades.
Jet Performance
Jet blows away the competition with its air flow components.
Cold Air Intakes
Let your engine breathe free with a quality cold air intake.
Intake Manifolds
Channel air into your engine with an efficient intake manifold.
Mass Air Flow Sensors
Boost your vehicle's acceleration and torque with a mass air flow sensor.
Throttle Body Spacers
A throttle body spacer can improve mpg and add power to your truck.
Ram Air Intakes
Ram Air Intakes force huges amounts of air into your engine to boost performance.
Injen Short Ram Intake
A short ram intake boosts your engine's efficiency for noticeable gains.
Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake System
Injen's intake systems deliver awesome performance gains to your vehicle.
Injen RD Series Cold Air Intake
The efficient RD Series Cold Air Intake is legal in all 50 states.
Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake
The Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake is CNC mandrel bent.
K&N 63 Series High-Flow Intake Kit
The K&N 63 can show gains of up to 26 HP.
K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intake Systems
The Typhoon come in three styles: short ram, cold air intake, and complete.
K&N 77 Series Metal Intake Kit
K&N metal intakes come with a 10 year, 100,000 mile guarantee.
K&N FIPK Air Intake
The K and N FIPK is one of the most popular intake on the market today.
Quadzilla Air Intakes
Boost your vehicle's performance in see an up to 10% increase in fuel efficiency.
S&B Cold Air Intake Kit
S&P Cold Air Intakes can be installed in under thirty minutes.
True Flow Air Intake System
True Flow intakes allow for cool, clear airflow--right where your engine needs it.
True Flow XDI Air Intake
True Flow unleashes its innovative design for maximum airflow.
Volant Cold Air Intakes
Volant Cold Air Intakes are the first choice for gas mileage gains.
Volant Ram Air Scoop
Works together with the Volant Cold air intake for great MPG gains.
AEM Air Bypass Valve
Keep water out of your intake with a quality Air Bypass Valve.
AEM Brute Force Air Intakes
Bring out the beast in your rig with an AEM Brute Force Intake.
AEM Cold Air Intake System
AEM intakes come in 4 finishes and are legal in 50 states.
AEM Short Ram Intake System
AEM Short Ram Intakes contain an easily reusable filter.
AFE Cold Air Intakes
AFE Intakes are custom tuned to maximize performance.
Airaid Intake System
Airaid Intakes can be quickly installed without any drilling.
Airaid Jr. Kits
The Airaid Jr's intake tube allows for smooth airflow.
Banks Ram Air Intake
The Banks Ram intake boasts an enclosed filter box to keep hot air out.
AFE Blade Runner
The AFE Blade Runner can increase airflow by an amazing 32%.
Jet Mass Air Sensor
Increase torque, fuel economy and horsepower with a Jet Mass Air Sensor.
Jet Throttle Body Spacer
Increase airflow without annoying extra noise with a Jet Spacer.
AFE Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacers
AFE Throttle body spacers are CARB legal in every state.
Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer
Airaid's Throttle Body Spacer boasts a helix bore design.