Automotive Gauges

Autometer Gauges
Autometer is the last word in quality gauge components
Nu Image Gauges
Give your interior a makeover with a gauge face kit from Nu Image
US Speedo Gauge Faces
US Speedo offers the precision and styling you have come to expect from a top brand
Auto & Truck Gauges
Browse a variety of automotive gauges and monitor your vehicle's vital stats
Gauge Faces
Brighten up your boring dash with a gauge face kit
Gauge Accessories
We carry the sensors, bungs, probes and hoses to build out your custom gauges
Gauge Mounts
A quality gauge mount keeps your vehicle's vital stats just where your eyes want them to be
AutoMeter Auto Gage Gauges
Autometer's auto gauges are great additons to any vehicle
AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Gauges
These Carbon Fiber Gauges combine form and function in one greate package
AutoMeter Cobalt Gauges
Mount these gauges in any pattern or configuration
AutoMeter Phantom Gauges
Soup up your car's interior and track your vitals in style
AutoMeter Pro-Comp Gauges
Easily moniter your engine's statistics with pro comp gauges
AutoMeter Sport-Comp Gauges
Choose from clocks, temp meters, fuel and oil pressure meters and more
AutoMeter Traditional Chrome Gauges
Autometer Chrome Gauges feature a classic look and retro dials
AutoMeter Ultra-Lite Gauges
Ultra-Lite Gauges are LED lit and built for every type of racing
AutoMeter Ultra-Nite Gauges
Glow in the dark lighting ensures easy to read displays every time
AutoMeter Z-Series Gauges
Monitor your stats in style with Autometer's Z-series Gauges
AutoMeter Gauge Accessories
Place your trust in Autometer's 50 years of quality and service
Nu Image Gauge Face Kits
Get rid of your boring stock look and step up to a new world of style
US Speedo Gauge Faces Color Gauge Overlay
The cure to a boring dash? A bright, custom color gauge face overlay
US Speedo Gauge Faces Stainless Steel Gauge Overlay Kit
US Speedo's gauge overlays are backed up by a 1 year warranty
AEM Serial Data Stream Gauge
AEM DataStream Gauges read RPM, Volts, H2O and much more