Truck Bed Caps

Bak Bed Rail Caps
BAK bed rail caps are built to last. Made from super tough ABS plastic, they won't even dent or ding after years of abuse.
Bushwacker Bed Caps
Constructed from warp-proof plastic, Bushwacker bed caps are sure to give you years of style and service.
Deezee Bed Caps
Available in plastic, metal and stainless steel, DeeZee bed caps offer you the level of protection and style you desire at an appealing price.
EGR Truck Bed Caps
EGR truck bed caps are as durable as they are stylish and will protect your paint from the elements for years to come.
Putco Bed Rails
Got a need for more stainless steel? Then look no further than Putco bed rails.
Truck Bed Caps
Truck bed caps cover the top of your truck bed and provide excellent scratch and rust protection.
Truck Bed Rails
Truck bed rails not only look great, but they give you extra anchor points to tie down and secure your payloads.
Tailgate Caps
In any truck bed, it's the tailgate that gets the most use and abuse, so why not give it the protection it needs with a tailgate cap.
Dee Zee Brite-Tread Front Bed Cap
Carved from heavy-duty diamond treaded aluminum, these Dee Zee Brite-Tread front bed caps give you the look you want and the protection you need.
Dee Zee Hi-Luster Side Bed Caps
Dee Zee Hi-Luster side bed caps are machined from extruded aluminum and polished to a mirror finish, giving your truck that extra bling while keeping your side bed caps safe.
Dee Zee Stainless Steel Side Bed Caps
Made to fit your bed caps like a glove, these Dee Zee Stainless Steel side bed caps will rock your world, but not your wallet.
EGR Truck Bed Caps
EGR truck bed caps are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that these bed caps don't just look good, but they are also built to last.
BAK ProCap Bed Caps
Bak ProCap bed caps are made from high-grade ABS plastic that is both warp-resistant and 100% UV protected.
Dee Zee Bed Rails
Dee Zee bed rails are made from 1.9" steel tubing, mandrel bent for the perfect fit and then chrome plated for a flawless finish.
Go Industries Chrome Bed Rails
Go Industries chrome bed rails are made with precision from 16-gauge carbon steel tubing for industrial strength and will garner attention with their chrome finish.
Putco Boss Locker Side Bed Rails
Putco Boss Locker side bed rails are over 40% wider in diameter than Putco's standard side bed rails, giving you professional-grade durability and tie-down strength.
Putco Locker Side Bed Rails
Putco Locker side bed rails are die cast from stainless steel and are strong enough to secure 1,000 pounds of payload.
Putco Rocket Locker Side Bed Rails
Putco Rocket Locker side bed rails add flair to your function. Strong enough to secure 500 pounds each, these rails also incorporate an extra set of tail lights for added safety and visibility.
Dee Zee Full Tailgate Protector
Make your tailgate look like new with the Dee Zee full tailgate protector. Machined from diamond plated steel & available in both a polisihed and glossy black finish.
Dee Zee Hi-Luster Tailgate Cap
Dee Zee Hi-Luster tailgate caps will protect the top of your tailgate from dings, dents and scratches while adding a seamless look to your bed cap system.
Dee Zee Stainless Steel Tailgate Cap
Dee Zee Stainless Steel tailgate caps are built from 16-gauge stainless steel and feature bolt-on installation for extra security and strength.
EGR Tailgate Caps
EGR tailgate caps are precision molded for a superior fit & finish and backed by a lifetime warranty.