Body Kits

Street Scene Body Kits
Street Scene kits are custom made to transform your vehicle into the talk of the town
Front Bumper Covers
Front Bumper covers provide great protection and eye-catching looks in one bold combination
Car Spoilers
A car spoiler cuts down on air resistance and ensures your speed demon will tear up the track.
Truck Roll Pans
No customized truck is complete without an easy to install truck roll pan
Side Skirts
Turn heads and at the same time protect your beloved ride from splatters and digs with a new skirt or fender
Elite Spoilers
The artisans at Elite have custom crafted some of the best factory-style spoilers available
Street Scene Roll Pans
Street Scene roll pans boast urethane or fiberglass construction for quality and style.
Street Scene Side Skirts
We offer a great lower price guarantee and free shipping on Street Scene Side Skirts.
UCI Factory-Style Spoiler
If you've missed out on getting a spoiler for your ride, check out UCI's factory style products