Cooling Performance Products

Snow Performance Methanol Injection
Snow Performance Methanol Injection is the premiere name for methanol injection kits.
Methanol Injection Kits
Methanol Injection kits boost performance by making a more combustible fuel mixture.
Thermostats allow you to monitor how hot your engine or transmission is getting.
Transmission Coolers & Oil Coolers
When you're exploring the limits of your vehicle, Transmission Coolers & Oilers will keep your fluids at optimal temperature.
Turbo Intercoolers
Turbo Intercoolers lower the temperature of your charged air, allowing it to be more dense and giving you more power.
Snow Performance
Snow Performance water-meth kits deliver more horsepower and torque while being safer for your engine than nitrous.
Hypertech Power Stat Thermostat
The Hypertech power stat thermostat is perfect for stoping high temperature detonation.
B&M Hi-Tek Engine Oil and Automatic Transmission Coolers
B&M Hi-Tek engine oil and automatic transmission cooler keeps all your fluids in check. Try it, your engine will love you for it.
B&M SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Coolers
B&M supercooler automatic transmission coolers keeps your tranny fluid cool even when your towing a full load!
B&M SuperCooler Engine Oil Cooler Kits
B&M supercooler engine oil cooler kits cool the most vital fluid for your engine.
B&M SuperCooler Universal and Race Coolers
B&M supercooler universal and race coolers are designed to keep the temps down for whatever fluid you need to keep in check.
BD Diesel Performance Transmission Cooler
BD Diesel Performance transmission cooler has both manual and automatic modes to give you cooling power when you need it most.
Banks Intercooler System
The Banks intercooler system will cool charged air better than a stock intercooler, allowing you to run higher boost levels and extract more power from that diesel beast.