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Audi is one of Germanys oldest established car makers. In 1932 four German auto manufacturers combine to create what is now Audi. Audi has several distinctions including being the first High-performance vehicle (1980 Audi Quattro) with four-wheel drive. Previously only trucks and off road vehicles came with the four-wheel drive option. Audi first started marketing the Audi 4000 quattro to U.S. audiences in 1982.

Starting with the Audi 100/200 model range in 1985 and then the Audi 80 in 1986, Audi offered cars with a fully galvanized body, and with it they gave a 10 year warranty against rust protection to show their confidence in this new innovation.

In 1989 Audi started offering diesel direct injection on the Audi 100 along with a turbo charger. Their first engine with these features was a 2.5 liter five-cylinder TDI® engine.

1991 saw the introduction of 2 new sports cars from Audi, the Quattro® Spyder and the Avus Quattro®.

In 1994 Audi introduce a new naming structure for its car models changing the name of Some of their current models. The Audi 80 was changed to A4 and the Audi 100 was called the A6. Audi introduced the A3 in 1996 as a compact car and the A2 was was put into production in June of 2000.

The S4, A6 2.7 T and 4.2 were introduced in 1999 along with a new sports car the Audi TT.

The A4 started to be produced with a new multitronic™ Continuously Variable Transmission in 2002.

There were a couple more models added to the lineup in 2004, the S4 Cabriolet and the A8 L W12.

The Audi A3 a very popular vehicle in Europe was introduce o the US in 2005.

Through the years Audi continues to make progress in the use of aluminum in at first the body of their cars and later in the frame. In 1993 Audi started using a new design where extruded aluminum sections were connected by diecast nodes to form a frame structure where these panels have a load bearing function. The worlds first all aluminum production car (A8) was introduced in 1997. Aluminum gives several advantages over steel frames probably the most noticeable is the weight difference. Aluminum frames can weigh up to 40% less than comparable steel designs.

The 2009 lineup of Audi vehicles includes:
  • A3
  • A4
  • A4 Avant
  • TT Coupe
  • Q5
  • TT Roadster
  • A5
  • A4 Cabriolet
  • Q7
  • A6
  • TTS Coupe
  • TTS Roadster
  • S5
  • A6 Avant
  • S4 Cabriolet
  • S6
  • S8
  • R8
  • A8
  • A8 L W12

Some of the models that Audi has discontinued (or Renamed) are
  • Audi 100 (now A6)
  • Audi 200
  • Audi 4000
  • Audi 5000
  • Audi 80 (now A4)
  • Audi 90

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