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Cobalt SS

Since 1961, SS has referred to Chevys performance vehicles. This includes for Silverado SS and TrailBlazer SS pickup truck as well as for the Cobalt SS and Cobalt SS Supercharged.

Cobalt SS - Available in coupe and sedan body styles, these stylish and attainable performers are equipped with 2.4L Ecotec engine that produces 173 horsepower (129 kW) and 163 lb.-ft. (221 Nm) of torque.

Cobalt SS Supercharged - With impressive performance from its 205-horsepower (152 kW) 2.0L supercharged Ecotec engine, this compact powerhouse is at home on the track as well as the street. Torque is rated at 200 lb.-ft. (230Nm).

Three types of suspension are available for the Cobalt:
  • FE1 Suspension - Comes standard on LTZ, LS, and LT and  models, providing a smooth responsive  ride with a 16 mm rear stabilizer bar and a 19 mm front stabilizer bar.

  • FE3 Suspension - Comes standard with the SS models, dilivering a firmer, more direct ride than the FE1 suspension with its 22 mm front and rear stabilizer bars, four-wheel disc brakes, monotube shocks and 17-inch wheels and performance tires

  • FE5 Suspension - Comes standard with the SS Supercharged, using racetrack proven technology to deliver sports car levels of handling and grip; The 22 mm rear stabilizer bar and 24 mm front stabilizer bar, higher-rate springs and bushings, four-wheel disc brakes, monotube shocks and 18-inch aluminum wheels with complementing performance tires combine for a superior performing sports car.

Cobalt engines are all from the Ecotec line of engines. Each with distinct performance and hardware differences, but sharing the same all aluminum construction which includes:

  • Four valves per cylinder dual overhead camshafts (DOHC)

  • Twin counter-rotating balance shafts

  • Low-friction, roller-finger follower valvetrain with hydraulic lash adjusters

  • Zero-maintenance chain camshaft drive

  • Extremely compact dimensions and low mass

  • All accessories are direct mounted to the engine structure to eliminating most common sources of vibration and noise.

  • A uniquely designed full circle transmission attachment that is more rigid than most 4-cylinder powertrains further reducing noise and vibration

  • GM Oil Life System for optimum oil change frequency

  • No routine maintenance apart from oil/oil filter changes

  • Catalyst located close to the exhaust manifold to speed catalyst "light-off" and reduce hydrocarbon emissions

  • A cast-in oil filter housing which eliminates the need to crawl under the car during oil changes.

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