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hummer h2
Hummer H2


The 2009 line of Hummer Vehicles include the
  • H3
  • H3T
  • H3x (H3X)
  • H3 Alpha
  • H2
  • H2 SUT
Originally the H1 was modeled after the Military Vehicle nicknamed the Humvee (Hum-Vee).  Later versions the H2 and H3 started to move away from the original design to a far more comfort oriented civilianized vehicle, lighter, smaller, better gas mileage. The first Hummer was marketed in 1992 by AM General later to be marketed by General Motors (GM) in 1998. By 2006 Hummer was marketed to a worldwide audience with distributors in 33 countries.

GMs bankruptcy forced the company to let go of its Hummer line of vehicles to be bought by a Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong. At the writing of this article Sichuan Tengzhong planed on continuing the manufacturing of the Hummer in the United States, at least for the next couple years saving more than 3,000 US jobs in manufacturing, engineering and jobs at Hummer dealers. .

At this point the Hummer is trying to hold to its off road roots. All vehicles currently manufactured come with a low range transfer case, 4 wheel drive and off-road tires.

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